3 Day Contracting Essentials

PCI is pleased to present this 4 day series of courses designed specifically to cover the contractor business systems with compliance criteria that are primarily under the execution responsibility of supply chain professionals.
Each class may be taken on its own or you can sign up for the entire week to save over 35%.

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  • Day 1 & 2: Contractor Purchasing Systems Reviews (CPSR)
  • Day 3: Commercial Item Determinations & Price Analysis
  • Day 4: Subcontract Management

While each course is designed to stand alone, our instructors recognize and address the interconnectivity and relationships of compliance criteria among these three systems as well as between the accounting, estimating, and earned value management business systems. Students will benefit from attending any one, or all of these courses, depending on the extent to which they utilize/need to understand the body of knowledge.

Topic Summaries


This is a comprehensive course addressing US Government contractor requirements related to letting subcontracts under government prime contracts. Participants will learn the flow of the acquisition process, the types of procurements and the types of contracts, how to prepare a solicitation, and identify sources, how and when to perform price or cost analysis, how and when to request and evaluate performance of a technical analysis, the clauses to include in government subcontracts, what to include in small business plans, US Government contract unique purchasing related activities and events, purchasing file documentation requirements, areas to address in purchasing policies and procedures, purchasing system contractual requirements, and government oversight. This course provides participants with the knowledge needed to comply with US Government contractor contractual requirements regarding implementation and maintenance of an adequate purchasing system. It is recommended for those individuals who are responsible for US Government contractor purchasing or subcontracting, implementing and maintaining adequate purchasing systems and supporting US Government Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSRs), and conducting oversight of purchasing systems.

Commercial Item Determinations & Price Analysis:

The US Government relies on contractor cost representations to establish prices and/or reimburse actual costs. In this regard, the burden is on the buyer to demonstrate that prudent business actions have been taken to determine that the prices paid to lower tier suppliers are fair and reasonable. In addition, while contract requirements and regulations encourage buyers to acquire commercial items (goods and services) to the maximum extent practical, they also put the onus on the buyer to justify their commercial item determinations (CID). In many instances, both the CID and price analysis require information that can only be obtained from the seller. This course is designed to provide specific guidance for both buyers and sellers to assist in justifying and documenting CIDs and performing and documenting price analysis for goods and services acquired for US Government contracts and subcontracts.

Upon completion of this course the participant should know:

  • Salient regulatory requirements for commercial item (goods and services) acquisitions, determinations and both commercial and non-commercial item price analysis

  • Market research planning and documentation requirements and approaches for supporting commercial item justifications and determinations

  • Price analysis tools and techniques to support fair and reasonable pricing for commercial and non-commercial items

  • Current trends and developments affecting commercial item acquisitions and price analysis

Subcontract Management:

This Subcontract Management course is a comprehensive tutorial that explores FAR Part 44, Subcontracting – focusing on identifying and mitigating the vast array of risks often encountered by Government contractors in subcontract arrangements. Against a backdrop of the applicable regulations and relevant case law, the course explores numerous over-arching concepts inherent in federal subcontracting, providing numerous examples and identifying “best practices” for companies. The experience is often enhanced by a comprehensive question and answer dialogue between the instructor and Government/industry attendees, during which the practical nuances of subcontracting issues are explored.

Continuing Education Credits

22 CLE/ 26.5 CPE (Finance)/2.20 CEU credits may be earned for this course. This course is recommended for 32 CLP credits.
This course has been approved for CLE in CA, PA, VA and TX. Because this activity has been approved in another CLE jurisdiction, you may also receive credit for participation in AK, AZ, AR, CO, FL, HI, IL, ME, MT, NJ, NY, ND, and WI (additional state requirements may apply). If you are seeking CLE credits for a jurisdiction other than the ones listed above, please contact us for additional information.
This course can be submitted to Project Management Institute (PMI) for PDU. Upon their approval, it may be worth 22 PDU credits.

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