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The Public Contracting Institute records and makes available all of our previous Government Contracting webinars. These webinars can be purchased and downloaded at any time, allowing you to get your training units when it is convenient for your busy work schedule.

Pricing for each webinar is included with the full description on the Fees tab.

All webinars from 2012 have been discounted – Now only $55.  See the bottom of the page to review available training. 

2015 Webinars

Business Systems Series

1 hour long each

Business system administration and recent developments

Accounting Systems

Estimating Systems

Purchasing Systems (including counterfeit parts)


Managing business system audits and deficiency challenges


Financial Forum Series 

1 hour long each

Subcontract and vendor costs, including counterfeit parts costs issues

Selling, B&P, IR&D, and related costs

Tangible and intangible asset costs

Incurred cost submission – DCAA audit environment/statute of limitations/ government disallowance claims

Travel/Relocation costs

Preventing, investigating, and reporting accounting issues implicating significant overpayments and/or fraud



Professor’s Forum: Making Sense of Complex Government Issues 

Ralph Nash & Guests
1.5 hours each

An Update on Evolving FAPIIS Elements and Responsibilities

Understanding Mandatory Flowdowns and Tailoring Subcontract

Small Business Contracting Rules

Applicability of OCIs and PCIs

The Difference Between REAs and Claims

Understanding and Improving the Debriefing Process



Understanding the Proposal Evaluation Process Series

Lou Chiarella

1.5 hours each

Technical and Management Evaluations

Price Evaluations

Past Performance Evaluations

Cost Realism Evaluations

Key Personnel

Socioeconomic Evaluations



Trending Cost & Pricing Issues

Mark Burroughs & Bill Walter

1.5 hours each

The CAS Series:

CAS Overview: Applicability, Types of Coverage and CAS Administration

The Cost Accounting Standards – Allocation of Cost

The Cost Accounting Standards – Assignment and Measurement of Cost

The CASB Disclosure Statement

The Cost and Price Analysis Series: 

Price Analysis and Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Commercial Item Pricing and Challenges in the Current Environment



Nash & Gray: Demystifying Intellectual Property/Data Rights in Government Contracts

Ralph Nash & Richard Gray
1.5 hours each

Basic Principles Governing IP in Government Contracts

Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software

Commercial Items Rules

Determining the Requirements for Delivery and Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software

IP Rights Issues in Source Selections, and Negotiating Specialized Licenses or Deliveries

Government Use of Technology to Which It Has Acquired No Rights


Individual Webinars

Commercial v. Noncommercial Items – Jason Workmaster and Phil Seckman – 1.5 hours

Solving the FAR Puzzle – Tim Sullivan – 1.5 hours


2014 Webinars

Financial Forum Series

1 hour each

Business Systems Update / Trends for 2014

Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) and Claim Pricing

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS): A review of requirements and compliance essentials

Subcontract, ODC, & Travel Cost Reasonableness: Developing processes that support allowable costs

Incurred Cost Submissions and DCAA Audits: A discussion of strategy, trends, and current areas of focus, including expressly unallowable costs and use of statistical sampling

Managing Internal Investigations into Accounting Matters

Selected FAR Cost Principles Part 1: Employee Compensation Reasonableness, Legal / Professional Costs, Contingency / Insurance Costs

Selected FAR Cost Principles Part 2: Selling Costs, Advertising/Public Relations Costs, IR&D, and Organization Costs

A Year in Review: 2014 Developments in Cost / Financial Issues


Professor’s Top Ten Series

Ralph Nash & Guests

1.5 hours each

Top 10 Small Business Contracting Issues w/ Ira Hoffman

Top 10 Mistakes in Contract Administration w/ Fred Geldon

Top 10 Bid Protest Strategies & Tips w/ Sandy Hoe

Top 10 Communication Strategies Under FAR Part 15 w/ Tim Sullivan

Top 10 Things that make a Better Claim w/ Barbara Duncombe

Top 10 Challenges with Cost or Pricing Data w/ Bill Walter

Top 10 Ethics/Compliance Traps w/ Fred Geldon

Top 10 Issues Related to Terminations w/ Sandy Hoe


Trending Cost & Pricing Issues

Mark Burroughs & Bill Walter

2 hours each

Straight Shooting with Subcontractors

January 27

February 24

March 24

What’s All This Talk About Final Rates?

April 21

May 19

June 23

TINA – Hazards & Defenses

August 18

September 22

Current Trends

October 20

November 17


Best Practices for Construction Delay Claims Preparation, Defense and Avoidance

Robert Freas

Keeping Time: Improving Your Project Planning and Scheduling Practice – 1.5 hours

Sweat the Small Stuff: The Indispensable Advantage of Effective Project Documentation – 1 hour

Are We Late? Oh, It’s Over Already? Which Delay Claim Methodology Should I Use? – 1.5 hours

More Effective Delay Claim Preparation and Analysis – 1.5 hours

Sailing on the Hudson in Your Eichleay While Avoiding Liquidated Damage: Determining Delay Related Damages – 1 hour


Decisions Webinar Series

1 hour each

June 19, 2014

October 9, 2014

February 5

June 3

Individual Webinars

Understanding the New SuperCircular – 2 CFR Part 200 – Mary Karen Wills – 2 hours


2013 Webinars

Nash & Schooner Government Contracts Update Series

Nash & Schooner-Individual Sessions

 November 21: Legislation & Regulatory Update (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

 October 31: It’s Not Over Till Somebody Sings: Contract Closeout (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

 September 24th: TOP TEN Bones of Contention in Subcontracting (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

 June 27th: Contract Interpretation (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

 May 30th: Computing Equitable Adjustment (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

 April 25th: Leveraging Flowdown Clauses to Optimize Prime-Sub Relationships (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

March 28th: Performance Issues: Good Faith and Fair Dealing & Statute of Limitations (A Nash & Schooner Series Webinar)

January 31: Nash and Schooner Webinar Series with Special Guest Vern Edwards: Source Selection & Oral Presentations


Financial Forum Webinar Series 2013

Financial Forum Individual Sessions

November 12: The Incurred Cost Submission Environment and DCAA Audit Developments (A Financial Forum Webinar Series)

October 8: Depreciation, Rental Cost, Material Cost Allowability (A Financial Forum Webinar Series)

September 10th: Current Cost Reasonableness Issues and Risk Mitigation Practices (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

June 11th: Investigation and Mandatory Disclosure: Applying Recent Developments to Complex Government Accounting and Financial Matters (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

May 14th: Travel Cost Allowability: Challenges & Solutions (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

April 9th: Full CAS Coverage; Disclosure and Administration (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

March 12th: Application of CAS; Modified CAS Coverage (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

February 12th: Selling and Related Costs (A Financial Forum Series Webinar)

January 15: Financial Forecast: Top Contract and Audit Challenges and Best Practices


 Demystifying Cost Accounting Standards

CAS Individual Sessions

November 18: The CAS Disclosure Statement (The CAS Series Part 4)

October 21: The Cost Measurement and Assignment Standards (The CAS Series Part 3)

September 16: The Cost Allocation Standards (The CAS Series Part 2)

August 19: CAS Overview: Applicability, Types of Coverage and CAS Administration (The CAS Series Part 1)


 Best Practices for Construction Delay Claims Preparation, Defense and Avoidance Webinar Series

 Construction Series Individual Sessions

December 12: Construction Series Session #1 – Keeping Time: Improving Your Project Planning and Scheduling Practice


  Federal Grant Webinar Series

 Federal Grant Webinar Series

December 11: Program Income — What Federal Strings Are Attached?

 November 13: Who’s Minding the Store – Manage Your Subrecipients

October 17: Grant-Funded Property, Equipment, and Supplies – Buyers Beware!

September 19: Punching the Clock – How Should Federal Grantees Account for Salaries and Wages


Individual Webinars

 December 5: Legal Ethics: The Duty of Confidentiality for Private & Organizational Counsel (Approved for Ethics CLE)

November 14: An Insider’s Guide to Recent Suspension, Debarment and Procurement Fraud Developments

November 7: Successful Proposals II— Understanding and Approach—Yes, They’re That Important!

October 22: Domestic Preferences in Government Contracting

October 16: Risk Management Considerations in Contract Type Selection and Performance

October 15: Free Webinar: Government Shutdown Q & A: Navigating in Uncharted Waters

 September 17: Successful Proposals—Best Practices, Strengths Matter

August 22: Contract Types: Best Practices from Both Government & Industry

July 30: Commercial v. Noncommercial Items

June 20: Organizational Conflicts of Interest in the Healthcare World

May 22: Legal Ethics: The Duty of Confidentiality for Private & Organizational Counsel (Approved for Ethics CLE)

March 4: The Trifecta of Fiscal Problems & Implications for Government Contractors

February 20: Solving the FAR Puzzle

2012 Webinars

Financial Forum Webinars

Professional and Legal Services Cost Allowability
Description: Discusses consultant costs in general including allowability rules, documentation and access to work product as well as issues specific to legal costs.
Presented On: November 13, 2012

Compensation Cost Allowability, Part II
Description: This webinar is a continuation of Part I and will discuss the retroactive cap on compensation under the 2012 NDAA Update, fringe benefits, deferred compensation, post-retirement benefits, pensions
Presented On: October , 2012

Compensation Cost Allowability, Part I
Description: This webinar provides an overview of compensation cost allowability and then discusses compensation cost reasonableness, executive compensation, and severance.
Presented On: September 11, 2012


Nash & Schooner Webinars

Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTAs)
Description:  A discussion of the distinction between the award process using LPTA versus best value as well as recent trends in the procurement process.
Presented On: November 29, 2012

Contract Implications for FY13 With or Without Full Sequestration
Description: In addition to a discussion of the possible contract implications of sequestration, this webinar also reviews terminations for default versus terminations for convenience and partial terminations versus deductive changes.
Presented On: October 25, 2012

Unlocking Data Rights Issues for Open Source Software, Open Systems and the DFARS 227 Rewrite
Description: With special guest Richard Grey, Part II discusses the move towards Open Architecture/Open Source software as well as issues regarding the pending DFARS rewrite.
Presented On: July 26, 2012

Obtaining Data Rights to Enhance Competition
Description: With special guest Richard Grey, this Part I webinar discusses open source and data rights under the 2012 NDAA as well as innovative techniques for allocating data rights during source selection.
Presented On: June 28, 2012

Proposal Evaluation Webinars

Cost Realism Evaluations
Description: Explains when and why cost realism evaluations are necessary as well as analyze the types of information offerors need to provide as part of their cost principles.  It will also explain forward pricing agreements, the roll of DCAA, and the relationship between cost and technical submissions.
Presented On: September 19, 2012

Past Performance Evaluations
Description: This webinar is for both contractors and agencies who want to have a better understanding of the past performance evaluation process.  It will describe key issues affecting past performance evaluations and provide guidance on responding to adverse past performance information.
Presented On: June 20, 2012

Small Business Webinars

Leveraging 8(a) Status & Avoiding the Pitfalls
Description:  The purpose of this webinar is to explain the background and workings of the 8(a) program, clarify its complex rules, and illuminate its potential problems.
Presented On: August 22, 2012

Stand Alone Webinars

Understanding Mandatory Flowdowns & Tailoring Subcontract Clauses to Mitigate Risks
Description: An explanation of the mandatory flowdown clauses that apply to each type of government contract and a discussion of how to minimize corporate risk when negotiating subcontract clauses.
Presented On: December 18, 2012

Counterfeit Parts, the Supply Chain and Cyber Security: New Contractor Responsibilities
Description: A discussion of cyber and supply chain security concerns in light of legislative and regulatory activity and increased contractor risk associated with Section 818.
Presented On: December 11, 2012

Using Social Media to Position Your Government Contracting Organization
Description: An examination of how to build social media into your overall marketing strategy for the government sector.
Presented On: September 14, 2012

Webinars & Virtual Classes