Nash & Gray Intellectual Property/Data Rights

Nash & Gray: Demystifying Intellectual Property/Data Rights in Government Contracts Virtual Class Series 2017

Virtual Class Series with Presenters Richard Gray & Ralph Nash

The Nash & Gray virtual class series provides access to two experts in Government Contracting Intellectual Property law and policy, on a monthly basis. The sessions will dive deep into important and timely issues related to IP and Data Rights for government employees and contractors. And, of course, bring your questions to the sessions.

Second Thursday of the Month (*exceptions)

12:00 – 1:30 pm

April 13 – Basic Principles Governing IP in Government Contracts; Government Use of Technology to Which It Has Acquired No Rights

May 4* – Emerging Issues in IP/Data Rights – Part 1:  New Legislation, the Sec. 813 Advisory Panel, and Beyond (*Please note, this session will run from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm) 

June 8 – Rights in Inventions & Patents; Introduction to Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software

July 13 – Commercial Technical Data & Computer Software; Determining the Requirements for Delivery and Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software

September 14 – IP Rights Issues in Source Selections, Modular Open Systems Approaches, and Negotiating Specialized Licenses or Deliveries

October 12 – Emerging Issues in IP/Data Rights – Part 2:  The Way Ahead for Data Rights in DoD in the Aftermath of the Sec. 813 Advisory Panel (And Wrap-up of Any Lingering Questions from Previous Sessions)

*topics are subject to change*

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Series Fees: $895 Contractor, $447.50 Government

Individual Sessions $189 each


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