Trending Cost & Pricing Issues

Trending Cost & Pricing Issues

Join Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP’s Bill Walter for an interactive discussion on current topics in cost & pricing. Government Contracting Officers are required to “purchase supplies and services from responsible sources at fair and reasonable prices.” How to accomplish this lofty goal is part process and part experience. There are many tools and techniques that are available in the marketplace and many companies and agencies will apply these in different ways. Cost Analysis and Price Analysis are the primary, essential tools used in assessing fairness and reasonableness of proposed prices. The purpose of this virtual class series is to provide insight understanding into the requirements that need to be understood by buyers and sellers in all government contracting situations. The sessions are led in a straight forward, interactive manner with real world experience and current guidance and trends through a thorough discussion of these concepts in practical and actionable terms. Participants will learn not only how things are done but understand why some of the requirements exist. The course objective, simply stated, is to have participants obtain a working level understanding of cost and price analysis and their impact on the procurement process.

Trending Cost & Pricing Issues Series

Wednesdays – 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (ET)

January 24: Price Analysis and Fair and Reasonable Pricing

February 7: Commercial Item Pricing and Challenges in the Current Environment

March 7: Direct and Indirect Costs and a Little Thing Called G&A!

April 4: Profit – Yes, contractors are allowed to have some!?

May 30: Cost Analysis and Cost Realism and Their Expanding Roles in Contract Pricing

June 27: Defective Pricing – Hazards & Defenses

*topics are subject to change*

Each registration allows for one person to log in. Your team members can join you in a conference room for no additional cost. Additional logins for those located in other offices, working remotely, or otherwise unable to participate with the registrant can be purchased for $200 each.

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10 sessions, 90 minutes
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