Understanding Proposal Evaluations

Understanding the Proposal Evaluation Process Virtual CLass Series 2017

This Understanding the Proposal Evaluation Process Series is for both contractors and agencies who want, or need, to have a better understanding of the proposal evaluation process.  Each virtual class in the series will examine one common evaluation factor.  Each topic has been selected because it is often a significant, possibly deciding, factor in the ultimate award decision of many federal contract awards.

Before each session we will send out optional homework questions that can be answered to earn points toward prizes such as Starbucks gift cards. With each virtual class, our expert will seek to answer two questions about the discussed evaluation factor.  (1) How do contractors maximize their chance for success in this part of their proposal? (2) How do government personnel perform a proper evaluation of this factor?

This virtual class is ESSENTIAL for any individual-government or contractor-who will ever be involved in the proposal preparation and evaluation process.

Each registration allows for one person to log in. Your team members can join you in a conference room for no additional cost. Additional logins for those located in other offices, working remotely, or otherwise unable to participate with the registrant can be purchased for $200 each.

Topics for this year’s series include:

First Thursday of the month

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm (ET)

January 5: Technical and Management Evaluations

February 2: Price Evaluations

March 2: Past Performance Evaluations

April 6: Cost Realism Evaluations

May 4: Key Personnel Evaluations

June 1: Socioeconomic Evaluations

September 7: Responsibility Evaluations

October 5: Source Selection Authority and Award Types


*topics are subject to change*

Individual Sessions: $189

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