May the Clause be with You℠!

May the Clause be With You: A NEW Podcast and Virtual Class exclusively on the PCI Channel!

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Clauses set forth in FAR PART 52, without doubt, establish a critical foundation in every Federal Government Contract. You might even say they’re the “Force” that binds a contract together! Thus, mastering when, how, and even if certain clauses should be referenced or used is a goal all should try to achieve. But due to the intimidation caused by the complexity of these clauses (especially for the beginner), that goal is often seen as impossibly out-of-reach. PCI and their expert FAR Clause Masters are ready to raise the level of your mindfulness and acumen of the FAR in a unique way.

In this NEW weekly program, our experts will select and introduce to you—in a practical way—some of the most important but often misused FAR contract clauses in an easy-to-digest 15 to 30-minute live Virtual Class. Each week will lead to your understanding the “why” and “how” a selected clause should be used and, for prime contractors, how it should be used in federal subcontracts or adapted to commercial contracts. Clauses that will be addressed throughout the year include the following:

52.204-7, System for Award Management
52.215-1, Instructions to Offerors – Competitive Acquisition
52.232-1, Payments
52.244-2, Subcontracts

A short live question/answer session will also follow each Virtual Class. This special program will also be available via audio podcast format, so you can increase your knowledge where and how you want it! Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to have fun and raise the level of your FAR Clause knowledge from Padawan to Master. May the Clause be with you, always!

Season 1 Schedule

Sessions in 2018

  1. November 8 (FREE)
  2. December 13 (FREE)

Sessions in 2019

  1. January 10
  2. January 17
  3. January 31
  4. February 14
  5. February 21
  6. February 28
  7. March 14
  8. March 21
  9. March 28
  10. April 11
  11. April 18
  12. April 25
  13. May 9
  14. May 16
  15. May 23
  16. June 13
  17. June 20
  18. June 27
  19. July 11
  20. July 18
  21. July 25
  22. August 15
  23. August 22
  24. August 29
  25. September 12
  26. September 19
  27. September 26
  28. October 10
  29. October 17
  30. October 24
  31. November 7
  32. November 21
  33. December 12
  34. December 19

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