PCI’s On-Demand Training Subscription

The Public Contracting Institute has created a series of foundational trainings, bundled it with our most popular trainings and made them available to watch anytime. PCI presents their new annual On-Demand Training Subscription. Offering more than a hundred different On-Demand training programs, PCI’s On-Demand training subscription can help you bring your team up to speed, keep them certified, and even entertained.

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Lots of options available Online all for one great price.

At $495, PCI’s On-Demand training is a great deal, and contains hundreds of hours of on-demand information relevant to any public contracting endeavor. PCI’s on-demand subscription library includes public contracting essentials such as:

  • Contracting 101 – 120 minutes
  • Fun with the DFARS – 12 sessions, 90 minutes each
  • Making the Right Choices in Government Contracting SM 1 session 60 minutes, 3 sessions 120 minutes each
  • The Professor’s Forum with Ralph Nash and Tim Sullivan – 8 Sessions, 75 Minutes each
  • Nash and Gray: Demystifying Intellectual Property/Data Rights in Government Contracting Series – 6 sessions, 90 minutes each
  • More than a hundred other class series available in the library, to see the full list and find something you need, click here.


Continuing Education Solved, on your Schedule

PCI’s library is deep enough that there will be a class relevant to you every time you need training. PCI is constantly adding new programs, lectures, and classes to the On-Demand Roster. Several programs in the library receive updates from year to year, or are redone to incorporate the newest practices in the public contracting space. For example, the Supply Chain Symposium series, included in the On-Demand Subscription, received an update for 2017.

Practical Topics, and Entertaining Teachers

PCI’s faculty is incredibly diverse, including lawyers, engineers, accountants, professors, programmers, and business experts. Your topic is taught by experts both experienced in their field, and experienced in the art of teaching. So, browse our library of on-demand classes, find a topic, sit down, and enjoy.

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