FAR 52.215-22 and FAR 52.215-23: Limitations on Pass-Through Charges

Applicability: These two FAR provisions work together to enforce the FAR limitations on pass-through charges.  Both the solicitation provision (FAR 52.215-22) and the contract clause (FAR 52.215-22) are included in civilian and DoD contracts when the estimated contract value or order value exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold and the contemplated contract type is expected to be a cost-reimbursement type.  In addition, for DoD contracts, they are included when the total estimated contract or order value exceeds the threshold for obtaining certified cost or pricing data unless (a) the contract is fixed price (firm fixed price, fixed-price with economic price adjustment, or fixed-price incentive) awarded on the basis of adequate price competition, or (b) the contract is fixed price for the acquisition of commercial items.   … Continue reading