Myth No. 4: We Will Only Work as a Subcontractor Because We Don’t Want To Be Exposed the Way a Prime Is

*This post is the fourth in the ten part series, “Ten Myths of Government Contracting” and will be released weekly. Each week will introduce  a new myth and run for ten weeks.    How many times have you heard this?  My response is always the same:  Have you actually read any of your subcontracts?  I already know the answer to that question, of course, because no one who has read a properly drafted subcontract could ever utter the words above. If a prime contractor is doing its job, it is going to “flow down” many of the clauses from its prime contract to its subcontractors.  Primes go about this in a variety of ways.  Some will actually print each and every clause verbatim and include … Continue reading