On-Demand eLearning and Recorded Training From PCI!

Two asynchronous (independent) training options:

1. eLearning All-Access: PCI’s New eLearning Subscription includes PCI’s  unique-to-industry eLearning programs, as well as the 500+ recorded programs included in the Recorded Programs Subscription.

And its growing every day – with more than 200 hours of programming expected by the end of the year.

  • Individual Subscriptions Available join the eLearning All-Access subscription to learn via the LMS on PCI’s website.
  • eLearning Files Available for your LMS: PCI also has eLearning available for purchase to be included in a company LMS.  Files are available in SCORM format. Contact john@publiccontractinginstitute.com if you are interested in purchasing PCI content as a file for your LMS.

2. Recorded Programs Subscription: This valuable subscription contains PCI’s libarary of recorded programs.  More than 500+ hours of recorded training on virtually every topic in Government Contracting!

eLearning is an interactive pre-recorded training with knowledge checks and automated certificates.

Recorded Trainings are recordings of previously held live classes. There is no interactive component.

Both subscriptions will provide you access to instructors for any content-related questions, as well as certificates of completion.

eLearning All-Access Subscription

The eLearning All-Access Subscription includes PCI’s library of eLearning courses – complete with automated certificates on completion.  When enrolled in this subscription, your PCI login The eLearning All-Access Subscription also includes access to the Public Contracting Institute’s vast (500+) recorded course library. 
To view the library of eLearning offerings in the eLearning All-Access Subscription, click here.
What is an eLearning Training?
eLearning training is a type of web-based programming that allows trainees to self-pace their training. With integrated quizzes and polls, and progress saved, these trainings are more than just a basic recorded training. They are a learning environment that is fun, self-contained, and designed for an on-demand environment.
eLearning vs Recorded Training
eLearning is self-paced training, in a managed environment. These trainings have interactive quizes, tracking, and automated features. Recorded Trainings are video files of live programs we have run in the past – while the polling questions can be seen, they cannot be interacted with. The program also moves at the pace of the original program – rather than the learners pace.

New Programming Every Day!

PCI is on-schedule to add more than 200 hours of eLearning to the subscription by the end of the year. High-quality training on every topic!  If you have a need for eLearning on a specific topic, please let us know, and we will add it to the schedule.

Recorded Training Included

Not only does the eLearning All-Access Subscription include a library of quality eLearning, it also includes the entirety of the Recorded Training Subscription as well.

Recorded Training Subscription

The Public Contracting Institute (PCI) has created a series of foundational trainings, bundled it with our most popular trainings, and made them available to watch anytime. PCI presents our recorded training subscription! Offering more than a five hundred different on-demand recorded training programs, PCI’s recorded training subscription can help you bring your team up to speed and keep them educated and entertained!  To view a list of programs in the Recorded Training Subscription, click here.

Lots of Options Available Online All for One Great Price

At $495 per year ($65 month), PCI’s on-demand training is a great deal, and contains hundreds of hours of on-demand information relevant to any public contracting endeavor. PCI’s on-demand subscription library includes public contracting essentials such as:

  • Government Contracting Fundamentals
  • Subcontracting Summit
  • The Professor’s Forum with Ralph Nash and Tim Sullivan
  • Demystifying Intellectual Property/Data Rights in Government Contracting Series
  • More than a four hundred other classes available in the library
PCI’s library is deep enough that there will be a class relevant to you every time you need training. PCI is constantly adding new programs, lectures, and classes to the recorded training library. Several programs in the library receive updates from year to year, or are redone completely to incorporate the newest practices in the public contracting space. For example, the Supply Chain Symposium series, included in the on-demand subscription, received an update for 2023.

    Practical Topics and Entertaining Teachers

    PCI’s faculty is incredibly diverse, including lawyers, engineers, accountants, professors, programmers, and business experts. Your topic is taught by experts both experienced in their field, and experienced in the art of teaching. So browse our library of on-demand classes, find a topic, sit down, and enjoy.

    A Value Impossible to Beat!

    At $495 per year, and a constantly updating list of classes, the on-demand subscription is incredibly valuable on a per-course basis. With more than 56 independent series in the subscription, you’re spending less than $9 per series. Each series contains many courses. At less than a dollar per hour of class time, it’s hard to beat this value!