Compliance and Contract Management Professionals Can Save Big with PCI's Annual Bundle or One-Stop Subscription

Save on an Entire Year of Training with our 2023 Offers
Professionals working in compliance or contract management can access a full suite of continuing education and specialized training courses AND save money by signing up for Bundle or Subscription pricing. Both options offer steep savings for your company while providing comprehensive and diverse training courses for your team working in compliance or contracts. Learn more about both options below and register now!

Annual Bundle Subscription

In addition to comprehensive training on compliance and contract management, our Bundle pricing offers more than 84 sessions (12 series) and access to training year-round for your entire team.

For only $4,295 your entire team can receive training and continuing education credits in the following monthly series:

  1. Financial Forum
  2. Supply Chain Symposium
  3. Cybersecurity, It’s Not Just For Techies Anymore
  4. Nash & Gray Intellecutal Property
  5. HR/Labor Compliance for Government Contractors
  6. Effective Proposals
  7. Innovative Contracting
  8. Subcontracting Summit
  9. Professor’s Forum
  10. Small Business Contracting
  11. Case of the Month
  12. Dave Drabkins Hot Topics
  13. Plus Credited Access to the PCI Forum Webinars!

One Stop Training Solution

Subscribe and save! PCI’s One Stop Training Solutions can save compliance and contract management professionals more than $20,000 on training by paying one low subscription price.

The $8,900 Group One Stop price includes:

  • Bundle – 12 Webinar/Virtual Series
  • 10 additional links for Bundle
  • FUN with the FAR Season 9
  • May the Clause Be With You Season 4
  • On-Demand Access to all PCI’s Recorded Classes
  • One Customized Virtual Class on a Topic of Your Choice (Group One Stop Only – 6 hours of training over two days)
  • Plus All Additional Virtual Classes, Webinar and On-Demand Trainings Added Throughout the Year

As an added bonus, if there is a training on a topic that is not covered on our schedule, we can customize one to fit your group needs.

The Group One Stop pricing includes access for up to 10 people, including a custom virtual class. Individual One Stop pricing is available for $6,495.

With an annual training subscription, your employees benefit from high-quality training all year and your organization benefits from BIG savings. In addition, the subscriptions are entirely flexible and can be shared internally – no training offerings are excluded and there are no added fees.