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June 15 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

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The old adage “time is money” comes to mind when the topic of delays in Government contracts arises.  Applying common sense to the question, most people assume that a delay claim under a Government contract would and should be treated very much like a changes claim—and they are wrong!  On June 15, PCI’s Professor’s Forum will be on the topic of “Handling Delays, and the Difference Between Time and Money. “  Join Professor Ralph Nash and Fred Geldon as they discuss this often-misunderstood area of Government contracting and point out the challenges for contractors and Government personnel alike.   This will be a nuts-and-bolts discussion that will shed a great deal of light on a murky subject and could lead some of you to look quite differently at problems you are facing in connection with your own contracts.

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