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Event Series Event Series: FUN with the FAR℠ Season 11

FUN with the FAR℠

June 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

FUN with the FAR℠ Season 11

Bundle & Save: FUN with the FAR S11 & May the Clause Be With You S5

January 17, 2024 – December 18, 2024
12:00 PM-1:30 PM
May the Clause Be With YouSM and FUN with the FARSM are held on alternating Wednesdays

26 Bi-Weekly* Sessions from January 17, 2024 to December 18, 2024

Covering each Part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and created to make the FAR approachable and thought provoking for contracting professionals at all levels. This training is delivered in an innovative talk-show format with PCI’s most gregarious instructor Steve Daoust as your host and a different subject matter expert each session.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is a complex set of rules governing the federal government’s purchasing process. Its purpose is to ensure purchasing procedures are standard, consistent and conducted in a fair and impartial manner. To accomplish this, it is critical for contracting professionals in the government and private sector to have a working knowledge of the source document—the FAR. Ignorance of the rules can lead to costly and undesirable outcomes. This webinar is designed to teach government and private sector contracting professionals techniques to efficiently and effectively maneuver through the extensive number of clauses and provisions in order to select the right clauses and correct procedures applicable to their contract.

Why Fun with the FAR is unique and valuable:

  • Study Guides. A great preparation resource that provide takeaway guidance long after the FUN has ended.
  • Active Listening & Participation.  Information shared through active conversation between host, guest, and participants rather than lecture.
  • FAR Facts. Summary documents of important key points are provided after each session.
  • Networking Opportunities. PCI has developed a special LinkedIn site for participants to interact with each other and instructors throughout the year.  The site will also be used to update folks on FAR-related topics throughout the year.
  • Access & Interaction with Experts. Before, during, and after the session our experts will help you understand and navigate the FAR! Plus, you have unlimited access to all recordings and resource materials in our comprehensive on-line library.

And, we have Fun!

  • Trivia, Prizes, and More. For added fun, our instructors ask both Contracting and Pop Culture trivia, giving out lots of prizes each week. Prizes include t-shirts, golf shirts, umbrellas, shopping bags, coffee mugs and the ever-popular FUN with the FAR Stress Toy!

2024 Season Features!

  • No Homework. Departing from previous years, we will have a short quiz ahead of the session, and will distribute a study guide – however, the lengthy homework is gone.
  • Always Fresh. Our experts update the materials each year to reflect the cutting edge in government contracting. Keep your team up-to-date on the latest changes to the FAR as our instructors cover yearly changes and address new developments in real time.
  • Customized Learning. Participants will help develop the focus of instruction through surveys and direct feedback to instructor prior to each session.

*Please see schedule tab for list of class dates. Occasionally the sessions are held either one or three weeks apart to accommodate holidays.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to navigate the FAR to work effectively and efficiently in the acquisition of supplies, services and construction.
  • Obtain a thorough working knowledge of how to research, interpret and apply the rules correctly.
  • Understand why knowledge of the regulations is so critical to the success of each acquisition and contract
  • Gain confidence and familiarity with every section of the FAR to:
    • select the right clauses.
    • identify the correct procedures to get the best possible contract and remain in compliance.
  • Learn best in class acquisition and contracting methods.
  • And much, much more!

FUN with the FAR Season 11
These programs will all be on Wednesdays at 12:00-1:30pm ET

January 17: FAR Session 1

  • Part 1 (Federal Acquisition Regulations System)
  • Part 2 (Definitions and Words & Terms)

January 24: FAR Session 2

  • Part 3 (Improper Business and Personal Conflicts of Interest)

February 7: FAR Session 3

  • Part 5 (Publicizing Contract Actions) & Part 6 (Competition Requirements)

February 21: FAR Session 4

  • Part 7 (Acquisition Planning)
  • Part 10 (Market Research)
  • Part 11 (Describing Agency Needs)

March 6: FAR Session 5

  • Part 8 (Required Sources of Supplies and Services)
  • Part 38 (Federal Supply Schedule Contracting)
  • Part 39 (Acquisition Information Technology)
  • Part 51 (Use of Government Sources by Contractors)

March 20: FAR Session 6

  • Part 4 (Administrative Materials)
  • Part 24 (Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information)

April 3: FAR Session 7

  • Part 12 (Acquisition of Commercial Items)
  • Part 13 (Simplified Acquisition Procedures)

April 17: FAR Session 8

  • Part 9 (Contractor Qualifications)
  • Part 14 (Sealed Bidding)
  • Review Trivia

May 1: FAR Session 9

  • Part 15 (Contracting by Negotiation)

May 15: FAR Session 10

  • Part 15.4 (Contract Pricing)

May 29: FAR Session 11

  • Part 16 (Types of Contracts)

June 12: FAR Session 12

  • Part 17 (Special Contracting Methods)
  • Part 18 (Emergency Acquisitions)

June 26: FAR Session 13

  • Part 19 (Small Business Methods)
  • Part 26 (Other Socioeconomic Programs)

July 10: FAR Session 14

  • Part 22 (Application of Labor Laws to Government Acquisitions)
  • Part 23 (Environment, Energy, and Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Occupational Safety, and Drug-Free Workplace)

July 24: FAR Session 15

  • Part 25 (Foreign Acquisition)

August 7: FAR Session 16

  • Part 27 (Patents, Data, and Copyrights)

August 21: FAR Session 17

  • Part 28 (Bonds and Insurance)
  • Part 29 (Taxes)

September 4: FAR Session 18

  • Part 30 (Cost Accounting Standards Administration)
  • Part 31 (Contract Cost Principles and Procedures)
  • Part 32 (Contract Financing)

September 18: FAR Session 19

  • Part 33 (Protests, Disputes, and Appeals) & Review Trivia

October 2: FAR Session 20

  • Parts 34 (Major System Acquisition)
  • Part 35 (Research and Development Contracting)

October 16: FAR Session 21

  • Part 36 (Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts)
  • Part 37 (Service Contracting)
  • Part 41 (Acquisition of Utility Services)
  • Part 48 (Value Engineering)

October 30: FAR Session 22

  • Part 42 (Contract Administration and Audit Services)
  • Part 43 (Contract Modifications)

November 13: FAR Session 23

  • Part 44 (Subcontracting Policies and Procedures)

November 27: FAR Session 24

  • Part 45 (Government Property)
  • Part 46 (Quality Assurance)
  • Part 47 (Transportation)

December 11: FAR Session 25

  • Part 49 (Terminations of Contracts)

December 18: FAR Session 26

  • Part 50 (Extraordinary Contractual Actions and the Safety Act)
  • Part 52 (Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses)
  • Review Trivia


John Plinke


Delivery Method
Live Virtual Training