1. The stages of a FAR Part 34 -Major System Acquisition are:

  • Concept Formulation
  • Demonstration & Validation
  • Full-Scale Development
  • Production

FAR 34.005-3, -4, -5, and -6.

2. EVMS reports must be submitted by contractors on a monthly basis. FAR 34.201(c).

3. During the negotiation of R&D contracts, the contracting officer should obtain “complete information” concerning the prime contractor’s plans to subcontract any experimental, research, or development services required under the statement of work. FAR 35.009.

4. FFRDCs are established and operate under what is known as a “Sponsoring Agreement.” FAR 35.017. The essential elements of a Sponsoring Agreement can be found at FAR 35.017(c).

5. The National Science Foundation maintains a master list of all FFRDCs. FAR 35.017-6.