Government Contracting Fundamentals

The Government Contracting Fundamentals course is a comprehensive, three-day overview and discussion of the federal government contracting process, including applicable procurement laws, regulations, and practical requirements. For those who are new, relatively inexperienced, or require a supervisory understanding of government contracting, this course provides an overview that will familiarize the attendee with the federal contracting process, provide a strong foundation on which to build greater subject-matter expertise, and dispel common myths and misunderstandings. For those with some experience, the course will heighten knowledge, provide context, sharpen issue awareness, and improve the ability to operate successfully in this highly complex and competitive field. This “fundamentals” course is designed to be of benefit to both government and contractor personnel, including contracting officers, contract and subcontract administrators, program and item managers, finance and accounting personnel, engineers, and attorneys (in-house, outside, government). This course provides a strong overview of the fundamental government contracting process. Course participants will:
  • Understand the major differences between government and commercial contracting.
  • Understand the principle laws and regulations that affect the federal procurement environment.
  • Become familiar with the major components of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).
  • Understand the government’s legal environment and the players on the government’s contracting team.
  • Understand the different contract types, and their associated opportunities and risks.
  • Understand competition alternatives, including full and open competition, set-asides, and sole-source procurements.
  • Explore various procurement methods and discuss the processes affiliated with each, including competitive negotiations, sealed bidding, simplified acquisition, and federal supply schedules.
  • Identify multiple types of compliance requirements, audits, and reviews, and the associated penalties for non-compliance.
  • Recognize the components of a typical government contract and discuss the use and applicability of specific contract clauses, including inspections, changes, terminations, delays, and disputes
This course may also be eligible for the following credits through The Public Contracting Institute: 19.5 CLEs, 24 CLPs

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