eLearning All-Access Subscription

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The eLearning All-Access Subscription includes PCI’s library of eLearning courses – complete with automated certificates on completion.  When enrolled in this subscription, your PCI login The eLearning All-Access Subscription also includes access to the Public Contracting Institute’s vast (500+) recorded course library.  To view the library of eLearning offerings in the eLearning All-Access Subscription, click here.

What is an eLearning Training?
eLearning training is a type of web-based programming that allows trainees to self-pace their training. With integrated quizzes and polls, and progress saved, these trainings are more than just a basic recorded training. They are a learning environment that is fun, self-contained, and designed for an on-demand environment.
eLearning vs Recorded Training
eLearning is self-paced training, in a managed environment. These trainings have interactive quizes, tracking, and automated features. Recorded Trainings are video files of live programs we have run in the past – while the polling questions can be seen, they cannot be interacted with. The program also moves at the pace of the original program – rather than the learners pace.

New Programming Every Day!

PCI is on-schedule to add more than 200 hours of eLearning to the subscription by the end of the year. High-quality training on every topic!  If you have a need for eLearning on a specific topic, please let us know, and we will add it to the schedule.

Recorded Training Included

Not only does the eLearning All-Access Subscription include a library of quality eLearning, it also includes the entirety of the Recorded Training Subscription as well.
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