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PCI is dedicated to providing the most current, highest-quality instruction in the fields of government contracts and related international transactions. PCI instructors are among the most respected scholars and practitioners in their respective areas of expertise. They come from government, industry, academia, and prestigious law and accounting firms, and share a strong commitment to being effective educators.


Ophelia Acolatse

Customer Service Manager

Danny Hoffman

Accreditation Coordinator

Jessica Adams

Assistant Program Manager

Jack Petro

Assistant Program Manager

Tracy Andrle

Managing Member

John Plinke

Program Manager

Lea Dickinson

FUN with the FAR Program Manager

Leslie Edelstein

Assistant Program Manager

PCI Refund Policy

PCI will grant a refund, upon request, to registrants who cancel attendance to a seminar at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled activity. For webinars and virtual classes, refunds will be granted if the program is unable to run and/or there are technical difficulties and we are not able to provide an equivalent training within a reasonable amount of time.

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