FAQ Public Contracting Institute

What is the Public Contracting Institute, and what is its objective?

The Public Contracting Institute (PCI) is an instructor-owned small business dedicated to offering the best up-to-date, accredited training for government contracting professionals. PCI’s seminars, webinars, virtual classes, and on-site training are practical, interactive, and of the highest caliber. 

Our instructors update the materials for every program to ensure that they cover the most recent developments.

The Public Contracting Institute offers instruction by the most experienced and distinguished faculty in the field. 

Our instructors are practicing and expert professionals, with extensive experience teaching.

Our courses cover Government Contracting, Grants and International Contracting. 

We supplement all courses and webinars with instructional materials that include both reference sources and practical advice. 

Our instructors always update the materials for every new program to ensure that they cover the most recent developments.

What type of training do you offer?

Public Contracting Institute delivers training in all aspects of government contracting, federal grants, contraction contracting, international contracting, as well as related topics.

  1. Live Virtual Trainings
  2. In Person
  3. Hybrid of Virtual and In Person
  4. eLearning
  5. Online Recorded
  6. Customized

How do I register for a government training?

All Public Contracting Institute classes with registration links can be located on our website www.publiccontractinginstitute.com. If you prefer to register by telephone, please call 202-775-7240 or email ophelia@publiccontractinginstitute.com

How long will I have access to the training that I have registered for?

In addition to the live training, you will have access to the recording for up to one year.

What if I am not sure which class to take that will best meet my needs?

We are happy to provide guidance. Please contact PCI at 202-775-7240 or email seminars@publiccontractinginstitute.com  or tracy@publiccontractinginstitute.com

For virtual classes, how do I know if the technology will be compatible?

Public Contracting Institute is happy to send you a test link for the training to make sure your computer does not have any spam blockers to the training software. We are also happy to schedule a test session if you desire. Please contact john@publiccontractinginstitute.com

Which accreditation do you offer?

  • CEU – Continuing Education Unites  
  • CLE – Continuing Legal Education
  • CLP – Continuous Learning Points (Government)
  • CPE – Continuing Professional Education
  • CoC – Certificates of Completion (General certificates)

If not received automatically after the government training, how do I obtain a certificate/accreditation points?

Please contact danny@publiccontractinginstitute.com

If I have a large group that needs training, are there discounts and how do I register everyone.

Public Contracting Institute is happy to provide group discounts. Please give us a call at 202-775-7240 or email ophelia@publiccontractinginstitute.com

What if I do not see the government training topic that I need?

Upon a customer’s request, Public Contracting Institute will gladly add a training topic to its curriculum.