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The PCI Forum 2022


  • July 28: Negotiating Terms and Conditions
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  • July 26: A Primer on International Government Contracting
    Slides | Recording
  • June 23: Internal Investigations: Best Practices for Mitigating False Claims Act Violation
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  • June 1: GovCon Office Hours – Ask the Experts
  • May 31: IT Systems Overview: Meeting Federal Security and Compliance Regulations
    Slides | Recording
  • May 19: An Examination of the 2022 Government Enforcement Environment
    Slides | Recording
  • April 21: Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Regulatory Introduction and Roadmap
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  • April 13: Project Management and Contract Management, a Joint (Ad)venture
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  • April 12: Price Negotiations 101
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  • April 7: Incurred Cost Submission Webinar
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  • Mar 10: GovCon Office Hours – Ask the Experts
  • Feb 15: Cost-Plus Contract Management
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  • Feb 9: Hands on NAICS Code
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  • Jan 25: Buy America, Buy American, the Trade Agreements Act, and other Domestic Preferences
    Slides | Recording
  • Jan 25: Government Contractors: Preparing for OFCCP’s Affirmative Action Program Compliance Certification
    Slides | Recording
  • Jan 18: Small Business Subcontracting Plans: Making a Good Faith Effort and Compliance Best Practices
    Slides | Recording
  • CAS: The Series – Pilot Episode
    Slides | Recording
The PCI Forum 2021

December 16: CPSR: 2021 Trends and 2022 Outlook

December 8: Figuring Out FOIA

December 7: Getting to Know Bid Protests

November 18: Understanding and Protecting Technical Data Rights

November 16: Teaming & Subcontracting 101

November 10: DoD Contracting Update (v2)

November 4: Section 889 in 2021

November 3: CMMC – Policy and Technical Requirements

October 27: DoD Contracting Update (v1)

October 14: An Introduction to Contractors Purchasing System Reviews

October 12: Primer on the Revised Uniform Grants Guidance in 2 CFR 200

October 12: What Contractors Need To Know About the Vaccine Mandate

September 23: False Claims Act Update

September 14: COVID-19 Vaccination Policies – What Employers Need to Know

September 8: This is the Way – Identifying and Mitigating Antitrust Issues in Government Contracting

September 8: Private Public Partnerships – Fundamentals

August 31: Grants 101: Information for the New Awardee

August 23: Data Abduction – Combatting and Limiting Ransomware Risks

August 18: Contractor Compliance Program Requirements

August 17: Introduction to Acquisition Flexibilities

August 3: Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act Compliance in the New Administration

July 14: GSA’s OASIS Follow-On: Will the Services Market Be the Same?

July 13: AI and Government Contracting: Opportunities and Key Legal Issues

July 8: Building a Better Performance Work Statement

July 6: Deep Dive – Swimming In and Surviving the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity

June 29: Hands on NAICS Codes

June 24: CMMC Regulatory Update

Jun 9: Government Contracts Update

Jun 1: CAS – The Series: Pilot Episode

May 26: Truthful Cost and Pricing Data

May 25: The Executive Briefing Government Contracting Overview

May 20: New to the Federal Market? The Top 10 Things You Need To Know!

May 19: Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

May 18: Federal Appropriations Law

Apr 27: Requests for Equitable Adjustment and Contract Claims

Apr 8: Current Trends in Federal ID/IQ Contracting

Mar 30: NAICS Codes and the FAR

Feb 1: Government Contracting – A Year in Review and the Road Ahead


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May 26 – Truthful Cost or Pricing Data

Apr 27 – Requests for Equitable Adjustments and Contract Claims

Mar 23 – FAR/CAS: A New Administration, A New Spin on Compliance

Feb 23 – Tactics and Strategies to Make CMMC Assessments Easier