Webinar and Virtual Class Bundle 2023




PCI’s 2023 Webinar and Virtual Class Bundle is a cost-effective staple for all individuals and teams. Pay one fee, and receive a massive package of high quality training. The training package spans all areas of government contracting, as well as a commitment from PCI to add additional requested topics not currently in the bundle as FREE webinars.

The FY 2023 Bundle is better than ever, with several new programs, and several of our classic series receiving updates and overhauls in the new year!

A whopping 14 series, 89 sessions, plus our FREE PCI Forum webinars throughout the year.

2023 Bundle Features:

  • Biggest Bundle Yet – Clocking in at 89 sessions over 14 series, 2023 is set to be the biggest Bundle we’ve offered!
  • Complimentary Programs Throughout the Year – PCI adds programs to it’s calendar throughout the year.  Bundle subscribers are invited to many of these programs at no extra cost. This nearly doubles the number of programs Bundle registrants can attend!
  • Recordings – PCI records all of its programs. Bundle registrants get access to recordings of all programs extended to Bundle registrants.
  • Remainder of 2022 – 2023 Bundle Registrants will get access to the remainder of the Bundle content for 2022. Join us early for even more content!
  • PCI Forum Credit – Bundle attendees do not need to pay the $45 fee if they want CPE for attending one of PCI’s many Free Webinars.

This year’s Webinar and Virtual Class Bundle includes:

  1. Case of the Month
  2. Pathways to Government Contracting
  3. Cybersecurity: It’s Not Just for Techies Anymore!
  4. Financial Forum
  5. Demystifying Intellectual Property in Government Contracting
  6. Supply Chain Symposium Webinar Series
  7. Cost Principles, FAR Part 31, and Direct and Indirect Overhead Rates
  8. HR/Labor Compliance for Federal Contractors
  9. Identifying Risks in Your Foreign Supply Chain
  10. Subcontract Management and Administration
  11. The Professor’s Forum
  12. Office Hours
  13. Government Contracting Update: What You Need To Know
  14. Executive Exchange – Doing Business With the Federal Government