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PCI is presenting a four-part webinar series taught by Baker Tilly and Miller & Chevalier to explain FAR coverage on Commercial Item Acquisition and will highlight the contracting process, terms and conditions, and current issues associated with buying and selling commercial products and services.

Over the past few years, the federal government’s commercial item procurement has become an important focal point for acquisition reform. Capitol Hill has initiated a number of legislative actions that signal a push to federal agencies to reduce reliance on government-unique supplies and services and to extricate themselves from what is often a slow, protracted acquisition process.

The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (FASA) was put into place to counteract many of these same issues. At the time, FASA was a paradigm shift in federal contracting, but it has slowly been eroded by an inertia toward the perceived comfort and safety of traditional cost/profit analysis.

Given the statutory push in recent years, government and contractors find themselves operating in an environment where they could very well see a renewed openness to commercial item procurements from DOD (and possibly government-wide). This timely webinar series addresses this current state of commercial contracting today.

While the focus on commercial item contracting is by no means a “new” concept within the contracting community, recent statutory and regulatory developments have brought it back into the limelight. This presents an opportunity to reexamine how items have been procured historically and, where practical, to utilize more commercial item exemptions to alleviate some of the compliance risks and administrative burdens of FAR Part 15 acquisitions.