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You’re trying to find a clear answer to your important government contracting issue, and someone suggests you look in the FAR. You’ve always been so intimidated by the “Federal Acquisition Regulation,” even though you know how important it is to your work. The “parts,” “subparts,” “clauses,” and entire organization of the book seem like such an endless riddle. And you’ve heard it said that 95% of all government contracting answers are in the FAR–if you just knew how to make it work for you. Well, FEAR NO MORE!! This this webinar will “crack open” the FAR and provide you a first look at understanding this most important of federal procurement regulations. By the end of this webinar your knowledge of the FAR will not only impress friends at parties, but also make you the MVP of your office team (you will never know unless you take the class). 

Instructor: Lou Chiarella, Crowell

About PCI’s eLearning

eLearning training is a type of web-based programming that allows trainees to self-pace their training. With integrated quizzes and polls, and progress saved, these trainings are more than just a basic recorded training. They are a learning environment that is fun, self-contained, and designed for an on-demand environment.

eLearning vs Recorded Training

eLearning is self-paced training, in a managed environment. These trainings have interactive quizes, tracking, and automated features. Recorded Trainingsare video files of live programs we have run in the past – while the polling questions can be seen, they cannot be interacted with. The program also moves at the pace of the original program – rather than the learners pace. 
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