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A CANT MISS LIVE MONTHLY UPDATE AND OPPORTUNITY TO “ASK THE EXPERTS.” Join the professionals from FORVIS’ Government Contracts Practice for a webinar series providing practical advice regarding government contracts cost accounting compliance issues, discussing cost and pricing trends, and detailing contractor best practices. This informative and exciting webinar series offering the most current industry analysis is beneficial to contractors and government practitioners alike.

Financial Forum Series 2024
First Tuesday of the Month, Every Other Month, 12:00-1:00pm ET
Individual Sessions are $159.00 and can be purchased by clicking on the session date.

  • February 6 – Contracting Methods and Gov’t Access to Accounting DataEnsuring that all costs claimed under a government contract are allowable and reasonable is fundamental to the efficient recovery of those costs and the avoidance of penalties. During this session of PCI’s 2024 Financial Forum, we will begin with a discussion of the contours of the regulations and guidance that should inform a contractor’s evaluation of cost allowability and reasonableness and will conclude with a review of recent updates to the cost allowability and reasonableness regulatory and case law landscape.
  • April 2 – Select Cost Principles: Compensation, Travel, Legal, and Related CostsThis webinar will address the allowability of employee compensation, travel, legal and related costs in federal cost-reimbursement contracts under FAR Part 31. The webinar will review recent government audit trends and relevant decisional authority. The webinar will conclude with a discussion of the applicable documentation requirements and best practices for mitigating/overcoming audit challenges in these areas.
  • May 7 – Truthful Cost or Pricing Data – The Artist formerly known as TINAGovernment contractors will learn whether a contract vehicle impacts bid protests and how the contractor chooses to challenge a contract award or the terms of a solicitation. In this foundational session of PCI’s 2024 Financial Forum, government contractors will gain an overview of how contract types, the bid protest process, and cost and price realism and reasonableness intersect in the financial space.
  • July 9 – Getting Paid – Contract Financing and its ChallengesProviding an overview of intellectual property issues contractors face in the formation and administration of government contracts. This session will deliver an overview of intellectual property (IP) issues facing government contractors in the framework of pre-award and contract performance considerations. This presentation will also provide relevant rule changes and case updates in the government contracts IP landscape.
  • September 3 – Pricing Requests for Equitable Adjustments and Pursuing Claims• This program will provide contractors with helpful information about how to effectively meet the requirements for effective disclosure of Truthful Cost or Pricing Data. It will discuss the requirements for adhering to the Truthful Cost and Pricing Data statute, including when the statute applies, what constitutes cost or pricing data, and when subcontractors must also disclose cost or pricing data. The program will also touch on the elements of and defenses to a defective pricing claim. The course will conclude with a discussion of best practices for government contractors seeking to avoid liability for defective pricing.
  • November 5 – Developments in Cost and Pricing: A Year in ReviewDevelopments in Cost and Pricing Issues – A Year in Review. This webinar will focus on a number of significant cases, regulations, and policy changes that occurred this year and are likely to impact contractors going forward. This webinar will focus on developments related to cost and pricing matters. A discussion of other miscellaneous, but significant, developments will also be highlighted.