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This session will discuss conflicts of interest in government procurement – both personal and organization conflicts.

Government procurement personnel are subject to regulatory and even criminal statutes that protect the public trust.  Contractor personnel who assist them must understand that they are subject to some of the same requirements under Subpart 3.11 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Organizational Conflicts of Interest Cab be disruptive factors in government procurements and awards.  OCI’s that are not properly (and proactively) identified and mitigated can result in preclusion from a contract award, loss of an awarded contract, and waste of bid and proposal resources, as well as disrupted procurements and programs.  It is vital that contractors and government procurement personnel understand the three types of Organizational Conflicts of Interest, how to identify them, strategies to avoid or mitigate them.  Contractors must understand how to address OCI issues in order to maximize business opportunities, makes wise business choices, and avoid wasting resources on lost causes. Government agency procurement officials must understand how they can identify and resolve OCI issues to manage successful procurements.

Instructors: Fred Geldon