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This course is intended to provide an overview of Incurred Cost Proposals, including the purpose, recommended format, requirements, rate structure considerations, allowability and allocability of cost, and current DCAA audit considerations. All sessions include the ability to ask questions regarding specific concerns or challenges participants are experiencing.

Outline & Topics

  • Introduction
    • Incurred Cost Proposal Overview
    • What is the Purpose and Origin?
    • When is it Required?
    • Understanding the Requirements of Different Contract Types
    • Data Requirements
    • Allowability of Cost
  • Indirect Rate Structure and ICS Overview
    • Direct vs. Indirect Costs
    • Indirect Cost Pools & Allocation Bases
    • Causal / Beneficial Relationships
    • Intermediate Cost Pools & Service Centers
    • Allocability of Cost
  • ICS Review
    • Overview of Required and Optional Schedules
    • Examples of Required Schedules
    • DCAA Adequacy Checklist
    • DCAA Hot Topics

Instructor: Marie Salamone, Incurred Cost Submission

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