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The amount of dollars being spent on subcontracting seems to be increasing each year. RFP’s are including wording asking if companies have approved purchasing systems. One of the government’s tools to help ensure that contractors are diligently pursuing subcontracts that are compliant with the prime contractor terms and conditions is the Contractor Purchasing System Review or CPSR. As we have discussed on prior episodes of the Subcontracting Summit series, the definition of a subcontract is very broad and includes purchase orders other agreements used to acquire goods and services. To protect the governments interest, in many cases, before a contractor can place a subcontract, the company must obtain consent from the contracting officer. However, if your company has an approved purchasing system, you can often bypass this additional step in the process.

This episode of PCI’s Subcontracting Summit will cover the requirements associated with Consent to Subcontract and Contractor Purchasing System Reviews. Both the Consent and CPSR requirements are often misunderstood. Our panel of experts will discuss Consent requirements and the underlying elements of the CPSR and discuss specifically what the government review teams are looking for and give you strategies to consider before you face the time and effort associated with a CPSR. The lively discussion will include real-life examples of the opportunities – and challenges – associated with consent and purchasing system reviews.

The agenda for the training will include:

  • Consent requirements – why, what, where, when and how!
  • CPSR – when are they required?
  • CPSR – who performs the review?
  • Expectations from the CPSR review team
  • Reporting and Risks
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Steps for Success