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This class is a “deeper dive” on flexibilities provided by use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA, non-FAR based contract agreement). Today, OTA is often used by the Government as “the right contract/agreement strategy” enabling a focus on the intended acquisition environment, constraints, and desired outcomes. This class goes well beyond a “this is what an OTA is…” by discussing how industry and the Government can successfully partner from defining requirements and assessing industry capabilities and limitations, through developing and implementing effective RFP & proposal strategies fully meeting those requirements (both solution and acquisition), as well as readiness for source selection and award. Where possible, this class looks at the challenges from both industry and Government perspectives. This enables attendees from industry an ability to understand Government intentions, therefore a route to a better value proposal/offering. It also enables Government attendees a perspective from industry on the challenges they face in providing the best competition possible meeting Government needs.

This class will focus on:

  • Background:
    • Brief History of OTAs
    • Government Intent & Authority for Use
    • Agencies Authorized to Use OTA
    • Restrictions & Applications
    • OTA-vs-Contract-vs-Grant-vs-Cooperative Agreements
  • Pipeline Development & Capture
    • How to Identify Opportunities
    • Use of Consortia
    • Teaming / Subcontractors /Socio Economic
    • Business Development and Capture
    • RFIs, White Papers, etc.
  • Proposal I (Technical & Management)
    • Pre-Proposal Baselines
    • Technical, Management, & Past Performance
    • Oral & Written Type Proposals
  • Proposal II (Contracts & Price)
    • Pricing & Profit
    • Agreement Types (CP, T&M, FFP, etc.), Sample Agreement, Use of Forms
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Compliance Obligations
    • Protests
  • Source Selection and Award
    • Source Selection Approach
    • Negotiation Strategy
    • Contracting “Lessons Learned”
    • Project/Program Execution Standards

Course Content