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The unique regulatory landscape of Government Contracting makes it difficult for new or commercial businesses to enter the space.  Fortunately, the Government has created several programs to assist companies looking to enter the Federal market.  These opportunities certainly help these new-entrants.  However, they also provide subcontracting opportunities for more traditional government contractors.  Join our expert instructors as they explore how both new market entrants and existing contractors looking to subcontract may use these unique programs to create opportunities that help both classes of company.

July 13 – Negotiating Subcontractor Terms and Conditions

  • The Need for a Negotiated Agreement
  • The Most Important Terms That Require Negotiation
  • Mandatory vs. Permissive Flow-Downs
  • Courted as a Small Business – Don’t Represent Until You Know the Affiliation Rules
  • Update on Section 889 – A Possible Barrier to Entry at All Tiers