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The unique regulatory landscape of Government Contracting makes it difficult for new or commercial businesses to enter the space.  Fortunately, the Government has created several programs to assist companies looking to enter the Federal market.  These opportunities certainly help these new-entrants.  However, they also provide subcontracting opportunities for more traditional government contractors.  Join our expert instructors as they explore how both new market entrants and existing contractors looking to subcontract may use these unique programs to create opportunities that help both classes of company.

June 8 – IP in Government Contracting

  • Preserving Rights to Inventions Conceived or First Reduced to Practice under Government Funded Contracts and Grants (Understanding Bayh-Dole)
  • Strategies to Protecting Rights in IP Used, Modified or Improved with Government Funding
  • Ownership and License Rights to Technical Data and Computer Software under the FAR/DFARS
  • Licensing IP associated with Commercial Items
  • Rights of Subcontractors to IP Produced Under the Subcontract
  • Government Contractor Rights to Indemnification against Infringement Suits by Third Parties