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The U.S. Government is a customer like no other. It has interests, and therefore needs, that differ from those of traditional commercial customers. Winning U.S. Government contracts is different. The compliance environment is different. The contract administration process is critically different. Even a contractor’s compliance with generally accepted accounting principles might not be enough to satisfy this demanding customer. To be successful in Government contracting, contractor employees must be familiar with the processes that control how Government contracting is conducted, as well as the risks they pose. Join PCI’s expert instructor Tim Sullivan as he explores these fundamental concepts of Government contracting.

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Mar 1 – Conflicts of Interest
Recognizing and addressing potential conflicts of interest—before they blow up– may be one of the most valuable skills a Government contractor possesses. It can help avoid expensive and sometimes embarrassing protests and it should do wonders to enhance a contractor’s reputation with its Government customers. On March 1, PCI’s Executive Exchange program will focus on this very sensitive area. Our expert instructor, Tim Sullivan, will discuss the major issues that concern both the Government and contracting community alike, how those issues manifest themselves, and how they can be mitigated. This will be a practical discussion of a very important topic, so you don’t want to miss it!