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This two-part course is an in-depth study of the FAR Part 15 source selection process from both industry and Government perspectives. The instructor will use lectures, real-world examples, and seminars to explain the intricacies of this critical phase in the pre-award procurement process. Both sessions will highlight best practices for industry and Government employees to achieve success: contract award (for industry) and a best value contract (for the Government). The course will include an examination of:

  • Drafting the Government’s solicitation and evaluation criteria
  • Pre-solicitation engagements between industry and Government
  • Proposal drafting
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Competitive range
  • Discussions
  • Proposal evaluations (second round)
  • Award decision
  • Debriefings
  • Protests
  • Incorporating “lessons learned” by industry for future proposals

Instructor: Marci Lawson, Senior Government Contracts Attorney