Welcome back to Fun with the FAR! Ahead of our second session, I would like to provide you with a few more “FAR Facts” to prepare us for Episode 2:

  • The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is the organization responsible for providing guidance to
    help Government employees comply with the procurement integrity and ethics regulations set forth
    in FAR Part 3. Their guidance can be found at www.oge.gov.
  • As a general rule, contractors should not disclose proprietary pricing information to other
    offerors/competitors during a federal acquisition. FAR 3.103 and FAR 52.203-2.
  • $10M is the dollar threshold value for contracts awards, modifications, and certain other contract
    actions (e.g., establishment of overhead rates, approval of payments, negotiating or settling claims)
    that trigger the one year post-government hiring restrictions set forth at FAR 3.104-3(d).
  • The Anti-Kickback Act is a special “bribery” statute that involves a subcontractor giving “something
    of monetary value” to a prime contractor for the purpose of receiving “favorable treatment” in
    connection with a federal government prime contract.