Good morning FUN with the FAR Friends!

Thank you for joining us for another great session of FUN with the FAR!
As a follow-up to Wednesdays session, here are a few questions to ponder as we prepare for our next session of Fun with the FAR:

DID YOU KNOW? Prior to the development and use of the Government-wide point of entry (“GPE”) located at, the Government publicized solicitations and other contract actions every day in a document called the Commerce Business Daily (“CBD”). The final issue of the CBD was published on January 4, 2002.

DID YOU KNOW? Prime contractors can, under certain circumstances, use the GPE to publicize request for proposals to interested subcontractors?  FAR 5.206

DID YOU KNOW? The Government must publicize a notice in the GPE at least 15 days prior to the release of a solicitation for a non-commercial good or service.  FAR 5.203(a)

DID YOU KNOW? A Justification and Approval (“J&A”) supporting a sole source contract award based on an “unusual and compelling urgency” basis does not need to be publicized until AFTER the contract has been awarded. FAR 6.302-2(d)(5)

DID YOU KNOW? Congress must be notified not less than 30 days prior to award of a sole source contract based on a “public interest” basis. FAR 6.302-7(c)(2)