Good morning FUN with the FAR Friends!

Thank you for joining us for another great session of FUN with the FAR!

As a follow-up to Wednesdays session, here are a few questions to ponder as we prepare for our next session of Fun with the FAR:

DID YOU KNOW? The stated purpose for the required performance of “market research” and “acquisition planning is to determine whether the Government should/can use (i) commercial items, (ii) full and open competition, (iii) fixed price contracts and (iv) pre-existing contracts (including inter-agency or intra-agency contracts) to best meet the Government procurement needs.  FAR 7.102(a)(1)-(4); FAR 10.001(a)(3).

DID YOU KNOW? Acquisition plans for other than fixed priced contracts must be approved and signed by a procurement official at least one level above the contracting officer. FAR 7.103(j).

DID YOU KNOW? The FAR states that there are thirteen (13) key milestones that occur during the life cycle of an acquisition. FAR 7.105(b)(21).

DID YOU KNOW? A list of excellent Government market research tools are set forth at FAR 10.002(b)(2).

DID YOU KNOW? Certain contracts issued by the Government may require contractors to perform market research to find commercial item subcontractors to fulfill the needs of the Government. FAR 10.003; FAR 52.210-1.