Good morning FUN with the FAR Friends!

Good morning FUN with the FAR Friends!

Thank you for joining us for another great episode of FUN with the FAR!

As a follow-up to Wednesday’s session, here are a few facts to ponder as we prepare for our next session of Fun with the FAR:

DID YOU KNOW? That pricing offered under a contractor’s Price List set forth in GSA Advantage have already been determined to be “fair and reasonable”. Prior to awarding a GSA Federal Supply Schedule blanket purchase agreement or order, the contracting must however determine that the prices proposed represents the “best value” and “results in the lowest overall cost alternative (considering price, special features, administrative costs, etc.” FAR 8.404.

DID YOU KNOW? Contracting Officers are permitted to “set aside” orders for small businesses under the GSA Federal Supply Schedule Program. FAR 8.405-5. 

DID YOU KNOW? GSA has delegated all authority to procure medical supplies under the FSS Program to the Department of Veterans Affairs. FAR 38.000 and FAR 38.101(d)

DID YOU KNOW?  The Section 508 accessibility guidelines of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 only apply to procurement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (hardware, software, telecommunications, or webpage- based development services). FAR 39.201. 

DID YOU KNOW? Subcontractors must treat any subcontract/order issued by a prime contractor under FAR 51.103 as if it is from the Government under its FSS Contract and, in particular, the subcontractor must pay a GSA FSS industrial funding fee based upon the amount of the order.