Hello and thank you for joining us for our first seven Episodes of Fun with the FAR Season 10!
Our next session will cover: FAR Part 15 (Contracting by Negotiation)

As we prepare for our eighth episode of Season 10, here are a few FAR Facts for us to think about:

  • Debarment” means an action taken to exclude a contractor from performing under “new” Government contracts, order and subcontracts for a reasonable and specified period of time. A contractor that is excluded is “debarred.” FAR 2.101 and FAR 9.405-1(a) (“Agencies may continue contracts or subcontracts in existence at the time of debarment unless the agency head directs otherwise.”)
  • “Suspension” means an action taken to disqualify a contractor or individual on a temporary basis from contracting or subcontracting pending the completion of investigation or legal proceedings involving allegations that the contractor or individual has violated certain criminal or civil laws. FAR
  • Suspensions and debarments should be requested and issued only as a means to protect the integrity of the Acquisition System and not for purposes of punishment. FAR 9.402.