Hello and thank you for joining us for Episode 2 of Fun with the FAR Season 11!
On our next session we will cover: FAR Part 3 (Improper Business and Personal Conflicts of Interest)!

As we prepare for our 2nd episode of Season 11, here are a few FAR Facts for us to think about:

  • Simply requesting a gift, gratuity, or anything of monetary value from a contractor who has or is
    seeking “Government business” with the employee’s agency will constitute a violation of the FAR’s
    gift regulations. FAR 3.101-2.
  • As a general rule, contractors should not disclose proprietary pricing information to other
    offerors/competitors during a federal acquisition. FAR 3.103 and FAR 52.203-2.
  • The person signing a contractor’s Certificate of Independent Pricing must be the person within the
    contractor’s organization who is “responsible for determining the prices being offered.” FAR 52.203-
  • The Anti-Kickback Act is a special “bribery” statute that involves a subcontractor giving “something
    of monetary value” to a prime contractor for the purpose of receiving “favorable treatment” in
    connection with a federal government prime contract.
  • Small businesses are explicitly exempt from having to establish a “Business ethics awareness and
    compliance program and internal control system.” FAR 52.203-13(c).The current and prior versions of the FAR can be found online at acquisition.gov