Good morning FUN with the FAR Friends!
Thank you for joining us for our sixth episode of Season 11! Steve and our guest instructor Matt Keller covered FAR Parts 4 and 24 for our sixth episode of 2024:

FAR Part 4: Administrative and Information Matters
FAR Part 24: Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information

As a follow-up to Wednesday’s session, here are a few facts to ponder:

The CO is required to ensure that the person signing on behalf of the contractor has authority to bind the contractor. The CO may ask for a board letter or affidavit proving that the company official signing the contract has authority on behalf of the company. FAR 4.102.

Contractors should make sure that invoices and bills are accurate, including the correct tax ID number and contractor ID number. FAR 4.203

All contracts issued by the Federal Government for the performance of services that require the design, development or operation of a searchable system of records on individuals must include the privacy safeguards set forth in FAR 52.224-1 .