The Masters Academy in Government Contracting

Government Contracting Certification - Masters Academy in Government Contracting

In partnership with George Mason University Continuing and Professional Education (GMU CPE), the Public Contracting Institute presents The Masters Academy in Government Contracting.  This course is offered as one of four government contracts certification programs PCI offers in partnership with GMU CPE.  The program is offered in nine sessions over two weeks (5 days in-person), and at the end of the program, participants will receive a digital badge proving their understanding of government contracts.

These digital badges and certifications can be included on your resume, LinkedIn, and other places to show your accomplishments and improve your credibility.  So join the Public Contracting Institute’s expert instructors, and join us for the Masters Academy in Government Contracting Today!


Quality Government Contracting Certification

The Masters Academy is designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. Each day, various experts share their insights into the leading practices of government contracting. Over the course of nine session (five days in-person), you will have the unique opportunity to learn the lessons experts have culled during their careers in government contracting. This program is not intended to cover the basics or each topic in its entirety. Instead, the Masters Academy is intended as an advanced course focusing on leading practices.

Masters Academy Learning Objectives & Topics

  •  Learn the most up-to-date thinking on leading practices in government contracting.
  • Gain insight into various agencies’ positions on new or unresolved acquisition issues (this will benefit both contractors and officials from other agencies.)
  • Attain a better understanding of the latest changes in government acquisition policy.
  • Acquire insight into experts’ thinking on the latest rule changes, court and GAO decisions.

Day 1:

  •  Morning: Formation Principles and Acquisition Planning
  •  Afternoon: Types of Contracts

Day 2:

  • Morning: Compliance and Organization Conflicts of Interest (OCIs)
  • Afternoon: Proposal Evaluations and Source Selection

Day 3:

  • Morning: Small Business Contracting and Subcontracting
  • Afternoon: Evaluating and Managing Bid Protests

Day 4:

  • Morning: Intellectual Property
  • Afternoon: Changes, Claims and Disputes

Day 5:

  • Morning: Pricing Equitable Adjustments and Cost Accounting
  • Afternoon: Terminations and Contract Closeouts

This course is designed for all government contractors who need the latest, most up-to-date rules and regulations and professionals seeking to understand the profession of government contracting. To gain the most from the Masters Academy, it is recommended that participants have at least five years of contracting experience in industry, government, law, or accounting.  To receive a government contracting certification, full attendance and participation are expected from participants.