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Federal Government contractors and subcontractors are required to follow a complex set of rules that regulate how they conduct their business. For example, the laws and regulations define how a contractor and subcontractor must manage their records, select subcontracts, recruit and hire, interface with non-US persons or entities, secure their cyber environment and govern the organization.  These rules are designed to make sure that government contractors and subcontractors are ethical and follow the law since they are paid with taxpayer money.

Contractors and subcontractors need to understand these requirements to avoid administrative, civil and even criminal penalties.

In addition to mitigating the risk of serious penalties, contractors and subcontractors that effectively manage these requirements may have a competitive advantage because they are able to demonstrate to the government, prime contractors, subcontractors and their employees that they comply with the law and so pose less of a risk for reputational or legal damage.

Further, for those contractors seeking to be acquired or seeking to acquire another business, an effective, defined approach to complying with the law may make a contractor more valuable and less of a risk.

This webinar is designed to teach government and private sector contracting, finance, human resource, operations and legal professionals the compliance and ethics requirements for federal government contractors and subcontractors.  The courses will cover important legal requirements for a contractor’s operations and will include practical tips for adapting business processes to facilitate a contractor’s compliance with these requirements.