Masters Academy: Best Practices in Government Contracting

The Masters Academy is designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. Each day, different experts will share their insights into the leading practices in key areas of Government contracting. Over the course of five days, you will have the unique opportunity to learn the lessons experts have culled during their careers in Government contracting. This program is not intended to cover the basics or each topic in its entirety. Instead, the Masters Academy is intended as an advanced course focusing on leading practices.

Each participant will be provided the two essential books in the field: “Formations of Government Contracts” and “Administration of Government Contracts,” co-authored by Ralph C. Nash, Jr. Collectively, the body of knowledge you will acquire during this program will give you an unparalleled education in Government contracting leading practices.

Prerequisite: To gain the most from the program, it is recommended that participants have at least five years of contracting experience in industry, Government, law or accounting.

9-Part Virtual Training

Topics Include:

  1. Formation Principles and Acquisition Planning
  2. Types of Contracts
  3. Small Business Contracting & Subcontracting
  4. Compliance and Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  5. Proposal Evaluations and Sources Selections
  6. Evaluating and Managing Bid Protests
  7. Changes, Claims, & Disputes
  8. Pricing Equitable Adjustments & Cost Accounting
  9. Terminations & Contract Closeouts