0-60 Government Contracting in a Capsule

Government Contracting Virtual Class Series
0-60: Government Contracting in a Capsule is PCI’s newest large online series. Rather than a 101-level short class, or a deep dive broken into multiple hour-long sessions, the 0-60 program at PCI wants to teach you and your team everything you need to know about a topic in one discrete virtual class session. No week-to-week or month-to-month commitment. One day, one session, one topic covered.

Each session of this virtual class is recorded and can be signed up for live or viewed as part of PCI’s On-Demand (as a recording) or One-Stop (as either a recording or live) program.

The Public Contracting Institute is bringing you up to speed fast! The 0-60 live virtual training series explores different topics on the most important areas of government contracting.
Whether you are new to government contracting or have years of experience, this series will deliver substantive information in different areas as well as practical guidance on how to approach government contracting issues that you will face day to day.
The topics include contract administration, teaming agreements, contract interpretation, challenged in pricing your contract, employment and contracting claims, FAR clauses, ethics and compliance, contract changes and equitable adjustments, and small business contracting. Some examples of the lessons you will learn:
·       In the Contract administration session, you will learn how to read a contact and understand the 3 Rs – Rules, Requirements and rights.
You will also learn the importance of paying attention to the details and thinking outside the box
  • In the teaming agreements session, you will learn to identify the regulatory and practical restrictions your teaming agreement must meet and explore ways that you can craft your Teaming Agreement to accomplish your specific business objectives.
In the contract interpretation session, you will learn key principles in order to spot, avoid, and resolve potential problems over the meaning of the contract and the parties’ obligations.
  • In the pricing session, you will learn methods for identifying, considering and understanding whether the ultimate price will require either cost analysis or price analysis. You will also be equipped with tools and techniques associated with price analysis, key elements associated with cost proposal requirements, including documentation of direct labor, material and subcontracts, and the associated cost analysis and cost realism analysis.
  • In the employment session, you will learn the complex regulations that apply to federal contractors, including prevailing wage laws, affirmative action and labor requirements.
  • In the ethics session, you will learn about key compliance issues and pitfalls and how to seek guidance before the harm is done. Some top issues are related to bribes and gratuities, kickbacks, contingent Fees, false claims and false statements, product substitution, procurement integrity, hiring from the government, Antitrust, organizational conflicts of interest, and illegal negotiation tactics.
As you will learn, there are a lot of complex rules in government contracting, and this series will get you up to speed fast in the most critical areas.