DFUN with the DFARS

DFUN with the DFARS


DFUN with the DFARS


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12 Instructor-Led Virtual Training Sessions from January 2023 to December 2023

Covering each Part of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement and created to make the DFARS approachable and thought provoking for contracting professionals at all levels.  All sessions will be recorded and accessible as a podcast throughout the year.

The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) is a supplement specific to Department of Defense (DoD) acquisitions. The DFARS provides acquisition regulations that must be followed by both DoD government acquisition professionals and contractors who do business with the DoD. To accomplish this, it is critical for contracting professionals in the government and private sector to have a working knowledge of the source document—the DFARS. Ignorance of the rules can lead to costly and undesirable outcomes. This Virtual Training is designed to teach government and private sector contracting professionals techniques to efficiently and effectively maneuver through the extensive number of clauses and provisions in order to select the right clauses and correct procedures applicable to their contract.

The instructor and guest will answer your questions in real-time so you can discuss specific issues or gain additional knowledge about topics discussed.

Interactive, Flexible & Content Rich

  • Class will be taught through a dynamic dialogue with guests and students in a unique radio show format.
  • Attend the show in person, by Live Adobe Virtual Training, or
  • Listen to the recording of the show anytime throughout the year

Efficient & Cost Effective

  • Share the experience – schedule as a staff meeting for all to join. High Quality Low Cost Training for your Team!


  • Audience participation will be highly encouraged and generously rewarded with prizes such as Starbucks gift cards given out on every show.


DFUN with the DFARS Training 2023

Optional in the Bundle
Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30pm

January 18: DFARS Session 1

Part 201 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System
Part 202 - Definitions Of Words And Terms
Part 252.1 and 52.1 - Structure of provisions and clauses
Part 203 - Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts Of Interest
Part 204 - Administrative Matters

February 15: DFARS Session 2

Part 205 - Publicizing Contract Actions
Part 206 - Competition Requirements
Part 207 - Acquisition Planning
Part 208 - Required Sources Of Supplies And Services
Part 209 - Contractor Qualifications
Part 210 - Market Research
Part 211 - Describing Agency Needs

March 15: DFARS Session 3

Part 212 - Acquisition Of Commercial Items
Part 213 - Simplified Acquisition Procedures
Part 214 - Sealed Bidding
Part 215.1, .2, .3 - Contracting By Negotiation
Part 244 - Subcontracting Policies And Procedures

April 12: DFARS Session 4

Part 216 - Types Of Contracts
Part 217 - Special Contracting Methods
Part 218 - Emergency Acquisitions

May 24: DFARS training Session 5

Part 215.4 - Pricing
Part 230 - Cost Accounting Standards Administration/48 CFR Chapter 99
Part 231 - Contract Cost Principles And Procedures
Part 232 - Contract Financing

June 21: DFARS Session 6

Part 219 - Small Business Programs
Part 222 - Application Of Labor Laws To Government Acquisitions
Part 223 - Environment, Energy And Water Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Occupational Safety, And Drug-Free Workplace
Part 226 - Other Socioeconomic Programs

July 19: DFARS Session 7

Part 225 - Foreign Acquisition

August 16: DFARS Session 8

Part 224 - Protection Of Privacy And Freedom Of Information
Part 227 - Patents, Data, And Copyrights
Part 228 - Bonds And Insurance
Part 229 - Taxes

September 13: DFARS Session 9

Part 234 - Major System Acquisition
Part 235 - R&D
Part 236 - Construction And Architect-Engineer Contracts
Part 237 - Service Contracting
Part 239 - Acquisition Of Information Technology
Part 241 - Acquisition Of Utility Services

October 11: DFARS Session 10

Part 242 - Contract Administration And Audit Services
Part 243 - Contract Modifications
Part 245 - Government Property
Part 246 - Quality Assurance
Part 247 - Transportation
Part 248 - Value Engineering
Part 251 - Use Of Government Sources By Contractors

November 15: DFARS Session 11

Part 233 - Protests, Disputes, And Appeals
Part 249 - Termination Of Contracts
Part 250 - Extraordinary Contractual Actions And The Safety Act

December 6: DFARS training Session 12

Part 252.2 - Solicitation Provisions And Contract Clauses
Part 253 - Forms