Season 11: Episode 3: FAR Facts

Hello and thank you for joining us for Episode 3 of Fun with the FAR Season 11! On our next session we will cover: FAR Part 5 (Improper Business and Personal Conflicts of Interest) and Part 6 (Competition Requirements) ! As we prepare for our 3rd episode of Season 11, here are a few Episode 3 FAR Facts for us to think about:

  • The policy rationale for the publication of contract actions is to (1) increase competition, (2) broaden industry participation, and (3) assist small business concerns. FAR 5.002.
  • Many agencies have their own websites where they publicize contracting actions, such as
  • FAR 5.207 lists the content required in the publication of a synopsis.
  • The Government is required to publicize justifications and approvals (J&A) for other than full and open competitions (including limited source justifications and justifications to not provide for fair opportunity to compete for task orders). FAR 5.406. However, such J&As do not need to be publicized until AFTER contract award. FAR 6.305.
  • Eleven out of the 14 pages that constitute Part 6 of the FAR (CCH version) address situations when “full and open competition” is NOT required to award a federal government contract and how to properly justify it.
  • Advocates for competition are charged with responsibilities to not only promote competition but also to promote the acquisition of commercial items. FAR 6.502(a).
  • The current and prior versions of the FAR can be found online at

We look forward to you joining us for our Episode 3 FAR Facts, Included here is the link to our Fun with the FAR program:

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