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PilieroMazza’s Labor & Employment for Government Contractors Team is presenting a multi-part series to help employers understand the legal and business implications of operating as a government contractor. Attorneys from the Team will share their experience and thought leadership in labor and employment-related federal and state legislation and regulations. In this series, PilieroMazza will identify hot-button issues, provide practical advice, and answer your questions.

March 9 – OFCCP and EEO for Federal Contractors

There have been radical changes in the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ approach toward the implementation and enforcement of federal affirmative action requirements.  While some of these changes make compliance simpler and other changes make the agency easier to work with, as a whole these changes have made it more important than ever that contractors understand and comply with the rules.  This is because the likelihood of getting audited has increased and OFCCP is conducting more effective audits.  This program will summarize the changes at OFCCP that are relevant to employers and offer practical advice to avoid getting into trouble.  We will also discuss how to leverage affirmative action compliance to support the types of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts which are becoming increasingly important in the current environment.