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February 9 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm


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PilieroMazza’s Labor & Employment for Government Contractors Team is presenting a multi-part series to help employers understand the legal and business implications of operating as a government contractor. Attorneys from the Team will share their experience and thought leadership in labor and employment-related federal and state legislation and regulations. In this series, PilieroMazza will identify hot-button issues, provide practical advice, and answer your questions.

February 9 – Prevailing Wage; DBA & SCA
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There are wage rate rules in government contracts that ensure contractor employees are fairly compensated.  In addition, the service contract act and the davis-bacon act further alter the “basic” govcon labor regulations for certain types of contracts, setting the rates higher for construction and service contracts.  During this session, our PilieroMazza experts will review the prevailing wage rules, as well as the special provision provided by the SCA and the DBA.