Financial Forum 2023 Series


A CANT MISS LIVE MONTHLY UPDATE AND OPPORTUNITY TO “ASK THE EXPERTS.” Join the professionals from Dentons’ Government Contracts Practice for a webinar series providing practical advice regarding government contracts cost accounting compliance issues, discussing cost and pricing trends, and detailing contractor best practices. This informative and exciting webinar series offering the most current industry analysis is beneficial to contractors and government practitioners alike.
Each registration allows for one person to log in. Your team members can join you in a conference room for no additional cost. Additional logins for those located in other offices, working remotely, or otherwise unable to participate with the registrant can be purchased for $200 each. 
Topics: All Sessions 12:00-1:00pm, Second Tuesday of the Month
  • 14 Feb - FAR Cost Principles and an Emphasis on Cost Reasonableness and Allowability
  • 11 Apr - Select Cost Principles: Compensation, Travel, Legal, and Related Costs
  • 13 Jun - Contract Types and Bid Protests
  • 11 Jul - The Cost Accounting Standards
  • 8 Aug - Effectively Meeting Requirements for Disclosure of Truthful Cost or Pricing Data
  • 10 Oct - Developments in Cost and Pricing: A Year in Review