Government Contracting Update 2023: What You Need To Know (May)

Government Contracting Update 2023: What You Need To Know (May)


Government Contracting Update 2023: What You Need To Know (May)


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Welcome to PCI’s virtual class series covering important regulatory, legislative, and legal updates in government contracting. During each session, PCI will provide you an update outlining the changes, and your instructors will provide analysis on the impact that these changes will have on you.

Join us for an interactive discussion on the latest changes and developments.

Join the Dentons US LLP Government Contracts Team as we target and discuss the most important and impactful recent updates to the FAR and DFARS including:

• Executive action limiting federal agencies’ use of commercial spyware that may pose significant counterintelligence or security risks to the United States;

• Adjustments to the DFARS which provide contracting officers discretion when evaluating bids and offers related to Supplier Performance Risk System risk assessments, grant authority to the contract administration office to negotiate and settle direct costs that are questioned in incurred cost audits, and new restrictions on procured mentals;

• Changes to the FAR accelerating payments to small business contractors and subcontractors.

• Proposed increases to the Build America, Buy America requirements for use of domestic-sourced iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials for infrastructure projects;

• Changes resulting from the COVID national emergency ending; and

• Increases to employee-based size standards for certain businesses doing business under a small business status.

This series will help you and your team keep up with the complex and ever changing rules for Federal contracting. It will be held four times annually. We encourage you to bring your questions or send them to us in advance of each session.


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