Fun with the DFARS Parts 219, 222, & 223

Fun with the DFARS Parts 219, 222, & 223

  • The first part of Subpart 219.2 can function as a guide for small businesses working on DoD contracts for what they should expect the contracting agency to do, since it contains the standards to which the contracting agency will be held. DFARS 219.201.
  • Because of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, later this year or next year, contracting officers will have to ensure that prospective contractors have not violated certain federal labor laws or corresponding state labor laws within the past three years, or the contractors may risk serious problems including suspension/debarment, default, and certification issues. If there is a labor dispute of some type, contractors should notify their contracting officer immediately so they have the opportunity to explain the situation and prevent the potential issues noted previously. E.O. 13673; DFARS 222.1.
  • The FAR covers the huge majority of hazardous materials, but the DFARS identifies additional hazardous materials such as ammunition and explosives, with standards for safely dealing with such materials. DFARS 223.370.

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