The Professor’s Forum with Ralph Nash and Tim Sullivan 2023 Series


Professor's Forum 2023: IDIQ Contracting 

Professor's Forum 2023: Other Transaction Agreements

Professor's Forum 2023: Handling Delays and the Difference Between Time and Money

Professor's Forum 2023: Claim and Requests for Equitable Adjustments

Professor's Forum 2023: Commercial Products and Services

Professor's Forum 2023: Country of Origin Requirements



Professor Ralph Nash and Tim Sullivan are delighted to present the seventh year of “The Professor’s Forum,” a monthly virtual class designed to delve into some of the most challenging issues facing contractors and Government personnel alike. As always, each session will give you and your colleagues the opportunity to hear from two of the most experienced lawyers in the business of government contracting, and their discussion will very likely lead to you and your team applying what you just learned to the challenges your organization is currently facing. Looking for instant gratification? This is your chance!


The Professor’s Forum with Ralph Nash and Tim Sullivan 2023
Third Thursday of the Month, 12:00-1:30pm (ET)
6 Sessions, Every other Month from February to December